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IA Update Halloween event

Halloween Event 2017

More information about our halloween event :

Halloween Keys :

Halloween keys will be introduced into the game , these will unlock special items & a special kit for the occasion. We are talking about items that will only be available during this one day event. Afterwards they will be removed and only be accessable trough our store system.

How to obtain Halloween keys :
  1. Ingame shop /warp halloween will buy/sell these keys at 200.000 dollars /key.
  2. The Illuminate HQ store will sell these keys at a rate of 0.15 euro / key
  3. Each new member that joins the faction server during this event will receive 5 FREE keys.
  4. For each new member that join the entire server will recieve 1 free key.
Suggestions what to add to the halloween event are more then welcome trough our suggestion system :

Example of the halloween items so far :
  • Unholy Armor
  • Potion du Vie
  • Potion du muerte
  • more will be added

With regards,

IA team
[Image: dragon.JPG]

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