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With the discovery of the gates build by the ancient ones , an emissary of House Corrino found his way to Arrakis , a dry world at the edge of the known universe. What he found there was a substance called Spice Melange, at first glance it looks like a sandlike substance but when he consumed the spice he was able to see things no mortal had seen before. He was everywhere at the same time, past , present and future. He collected a sample to bring back to Salusa Secunda , the world he came from. 

There he presented the spice to the head of House Corrino which he had little interest in, however the sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit took the spice and consumed it. The effects they felt urged them to talk to the head of the house to collect more of this spice melange as they had seen the future potential of the spice. Not only does it enable them to glance at future events , they saw navigators use the spice to fold space and transport large containers across the stars. 

Shaddam Corrino dispatched large forces to control the spice world called Arrakis. In his wisdom he instructed the Bene Gesserit to train navigators so he and only he would have the power to move to any world. The Bene gesserit complied but always have plans within plans. These plans were aimed to control the universe but as the navigators began to see the future they rebelled and formed the Spacing Guild. They would answer to none and had sole control over who folds space. 

The empire was born, shaddam took control over all the worlds with the help from the Spacing guild as they became dependant on the Spice melange. To aid in running the empire he build he allowed a few families to control certain worlds and the Landsradd was formed. 

Great houses now obey the Imperial Throne from Salusa Secunda , The Bene gesserit plot to regain control over the spice. The houses plot against the Emperor who clings to power. 

The stage has been set , the pieces assembled and now begins the first Saga :

Spicewars : The imperial Conquest.
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