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Arrakis update #1

We have begun construction on Arrakis.

On this world you will find spice patches with a Spice Master next to it. You can claim the spicepatch by talking to the Spice Master NPC. Once activated all claims on this spice patch will be removed in 60 seconds. This will be announced so the House that previously controlled the spice patch can come defend or reclaim it.

After the 60 seconds all members of your House can mine at the spice patch. You cannot use factions to claim land on arrakis :p

Spice blocks will regen every 8 hour cycle.

If a Fremen member reclaims a spice patch for their house he/she will recieve a bonus reward of 500 credits.

Fremen members also recieve a Daily allowance of 15 credits / day to defend arrakis.

Dynmap :
[Image: dragon.JPG]

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