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announcement Spicewars - The Imperial Conquest

Dear members,

I am proud to announce the following changes to our network. We will be removing the following servers :
  • Bedwars
  • Hungergames
  • Creative
  • Survival
  • Factions
We will be Adding the following servers :
  • Arrakis
  • Caladan
  • Guidi Prime
  • Salusa Secundus
  • Draconis IV
In future we will have Only Spicewars & Skyblock survival

More info on :

SPICEWARS : The Imperial Conquest

The year is 675 after the discovery of the Spice Melange. The imperial House Corino lead by His Majesty Shaddam the Third has lost control over Arrakis to its native people The Fremen. It is up to the imperial forces and the forces of the great houses to regain control over Arrakis. He who controls the Spice , controls the Universe. The emperor has requested help from the following great houses :

House Artreides

Ingame tag : [ART]
Color : Blue
World : Caladan
World Type : Earth like world with large oceans.

House Atreides is one of the eldest houses in the landsradd. They favour diplomacy and humanity above all else. They have an eternal fued with House Harkonnen. House Artreides has a custom kit at their disposal called : The weirding kit. ( more info about this kit will follow )

House Corrino
Ingame tag : [COR]
Color : purple
World : Salusa Secunda
World type : Imperial world , earthlike

House Corrino has been the imperial house for decades, but with the loss of their control over Arrakis they struggle to maintain their position in the landsradd. They posses the dreaded sardaukar kit ( more info later ).

House Harkonnen
Ingame tag : [HAR]
Color : red
World : Guidi Prime
World type : Industrial dark world

House Harkonnen is a military house , they tend to settle disputes in combat. They have the Troopers kit at their disposal. Mortal enemy's of house Artreides they will do anything to destroy them. This house is lead by Baron Vladmir Harnonnen.

House Ordos
Ingame tag: [ORD]
Color : green
World : Draconis IV
world type : Ice world

Little is known about House Ordos , they tend to keep to themselves on their barren cold world. They are masters in deceat and are now in a position to claim the imperial throne for House Ordos. They have the deviator kit designed to confuse and placate their enemy's.

The Fremen
ingame tag [FRE]
Color : orange
World: Arrakis
World type : desert , desolate place , home of the Spice Melange.

The fremen have driven the Corrino forces off Arrakis , they now begin the task of defending their homeworld against the entire Landsradd. The fremen have a kit called Stillsuit to aid them in their struggle.
[Image: dragon.JPG]

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