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Factions Halloween upate - unimatrix999 - 10-01-2017

dear members ,

From the 1st of october until the 31 october the halloween shop is open for business. You can easely access it trough /warp halloween. In said shop you will find limited edition items that are only available during this month. 

After october the halloweenshop will be closed until next year. 

Halloween Keys

[Image: halloweencrate.png]

Each time a new player joins the server he/she will recieve factions & halloween keys, aswell as the entire server ! 

The keys unlock the following :
  • Halloween Kit 
  • Pets
  • Custom Names
  • Money
  • Halloween items such as : pie,armour,etc.
The halloween shop

[Image: shopfor.png]
  • All Halloween items
  • Special TNT
  • Special items

Happy Halloween , Beetlejuice Beetlejuice beetle.....