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July 20, 2019, 06:10:35 PM

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Author Topic: Fleet report : meeting 30/06/2018  (Read 509 times)

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Fleet report : meeting 30/06/2018
« on: July 01, 2018, 02:55:46 PM »
Dear members ,

We would like to thank the following memebers who were able to attend the fleet meeting on voice : @howlingnurse , @SableShadow , @zizuph , @apollo11#2533

Attending fleet founders : unimatrix & liberty.

And for their continuous support we raffled off a ship at the end of the meeting , congrats @howlingnurse for winning :  [Special Requisition Pack - Ferengi D'Kora Ship]

Meeting item 1 : Voice communications

We discussed the need for voice communication for group events or general conversation. We would like to emphasize that we encourage voice chat and not make it a required item in our fleet/armada.

We decided to move back to Discord with a majority vote , there was one vote for teamspeak, consecutively we decided to not go back to our discord but rather use the discord of our armada.

Discord link :

Additional benefits to discord :

You may install discord on your mobile phone device and use that to be kept up to date about what we are doing on discord or use it as a means to connect to voice rather then installing and running it on your computer.

You can send messages to all people on discord and recieve messages on your mobile device.

Meeting Item 2 : Ingame channel

We discussed the ingame channel for primary communication , the channel illuminate assembly will be the main focus of all communication. We will not push any other channel and encourage all to keep the channel up at all times as we try to encourage cooperation in the fleet.

You may also consider connecting to discord without a mic to participate and replying ingame. We encourage you all to do so.

Meeting Item 3 : Current armada status

We understand that there is little to none cooperation between us and the S.a.W. armada and also understand that some people would like to see us stand on our own feet armada wise.

We discussed this in great detail and we understand the urge to be on our own feet however the benefits we currently enjoy while being a member of Saw armada do outweigh any potential benefit we could have of being independant.

We can participate in the soldiers of war colony sims which they regulary advertise for. Also the dilithium discount we enjoy on all our fleetS.

We prefer to try to encourage armada cooperation by using their discord and trying to convince them and you to participate in armada events which are being planned as we speak.

Meeting Item 4 : website

We try and encourage all members to register on the website and will adopt the MOTD in all fleets to resemble that.

4.1 Uni's stories

There will be no more mails to inform you all about fleet events & meetings as we prefere to use the website to communicate such things. Therefore it is vital that you register on the website to be kept apprised of fleet events & potential issues.

This will enable us ( if you registerd ) to send you an actual e-mail with current events and updates. This should also fix the current issue we have in the fleet with activity. Therefore, I can send as many fleet emails with awesome events as I want but you need to actualy log into sto to be able to read said mails.

If we can use your personal email adress instead you can be notified and should reduce the mail spam ingame. Your personal information is protected under European Consumer Law and cannot be shared with any third parties.

We will be sending one fleet mail a month with a link to the website and a small recap of the news that you may find there. Just to make sure everyone is still up to date with everything.

4.2 Fleet marks runs

We will be posting a poll on the website where you the membership can weekly ( Mon-Fri ) vote for what marks you want the fleet weekend event to farm. For example : if omega marks wins the popular vote , we will be holding an omega farm event ingame all weekend.

This will include but not limited to :
  • Space Stf
  • Ground Stf
  • Battlezones
  • Accolade runs
  • speedleveling

Each event will be announced on the website and posted on our calendar. We do ask if anyone is interested into helping set up and maintain these events to contact the fleet leadership.

We will try to give rewards away to members who outdo themselves in these weekly events. More info about that will follow.

*** We will be trying to setup a team to create instructional video's on all stf's so you may see how to obtain the optionals *** more info will follow

Meeting Item 5 : Recruitment

5.1 Method 1

We ask for any volunteers to aid us in the method 1 recruitment.

Mission objective ( if you choose to accept ) is to aid unimatrix in recruiting by messaging a global recruitement message in different zones. If you get a response you will redirect them to speak to unimatrix or join the chat channel illuminate assembly. This will enable unimatrix or the fleet to recruit from diffirent social zones.

Example :

Volunteer one is at DS9
Volunteer two is at New Romulus
unimatrix is at ESD
Volunteer three is at Drozana.

If you get a reply to the message you can either talk to them yourselves or rely on unimatrix to recruit the member for you**

** = if there is a recruitment event , the credit for recruiting said member will still be yours even if you redirect them to unimatrix.

5.2 Method 2

If you run a public pve que and see someone in your team that is without a fleet or does exceptionaly well in the stf , we encourage you to speak to said person and ask them if they would like either :

  • Join the fleet(follow method 1)
  • Join our chat channel

Benefits of joining our chat channel :

  • Access to active people who like to run stf's
  • Access to people who are experience in the game
  • likeminded people who you may run missions with

We encourage all members to invite their friends to the chat channel so we can expand our chat channel with allied fleets, friends. They do not need to join the fleet but it will increase the amount of people we can run missions/stf's with therefore helping us in the long run to grow as a community and a fleet.

End note by the fleet leaders

We hope to add more structure to the fleet without losing the characteristic of beeing a casual fleet. We would like to offer a bigger experience to the casual player while accommodating the more ingulfed players.

I hope we can count on your cooperation in this and register on our website so we can build the community further.

Thank you for your support throughout the years and we hope to count on your support for the times ahead.

With regards ,

Illuminate Assembly