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Author Topic: Illuminate Assembly Fleet charter update  (Read 5530 times)

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Illuminate Assembly Fleet charter update
« on: March 08, 2020, 01:59:13 AM »
A new fleet charter has been writen , still needs voting by fleet founders Libert & Charles

Illuminate Assembly Charter
Version 1.1.0
Basic principle :
Illuminate Assembly is based upon teamwork and a open environment for its members , we value equality and believe in fair chances for all. No member shall be removed or demoted without due process.
1.0 General Rules of Conduct
1.0.1 Any IA member will behave in a reserved fashion towards eachother & others in the game they play.
1.0.2 No illigal activity will be tolerated on the website , discord or any other IA affiliated componant.
1.0.3 Disrespectfull conduct towards other members will not be tolerated these include but are not limited to Racisme Sexisme Any personal atribute that can be seen as an attack on said induvidual or group said person belongs to.

1.1 Minecraft Rules of Conduct

1.1.1 No griefing
1.1.2 No spamming
1.1.3 Do not be disrespectfull towards staff & other players
1.1.4 No hacked clients or client mods that give you an unfair advantage

1.2 Illuminate Assembly rank structure

1.2.1 Planetarion

Tier 0 : Founder
Tier 1 : High Commander
Tier 2 : Battle Commander , Defence Commander , Scanner , Intel , Recruitement
Tier 3 : Membber
Tier 4 : Recruit* // recruit is the ingame rank set when applying to the alliance tag , this is a temp rank until you have joined our discord/Telegram channels and are verified.

1.2.2 Minecraft

Tier 0 : Admin
Tier 1 : moderator
Tier 2 : guardian

1.2.3 Startrek Online

Tier 0 : Fleet founder
Tier 1 : Fleet Admiral
Tier 3 : Fleet Officer
Tier 4 : Legendary
Tier 5 : Dedicated
Tier 6 : Donator
Tier 7 : recruit

1.3 Requirements to join Illuminate Assembly

1.3.1 Startrek Online :  We do not have requirements towards how active a player must be , we shall not remove people from our community if they dont play x ammount of hours. We leave it up to the members to decide if they wish to remain or leave the community and always welcome back old players with open arms. Do bear in mind this applies to the community as a whole , there may be purges ingame to make room for new members. We will try to contact members who have donated to the starbase before we purge their character from the fleet. Non donating members will be purged every 6 months.
1.3.2 Minecraft : join the minecraft server
1.3.3 Planetarion : Anyone is free to apply to the alliance and only people from the Persona Non Gratta list will be denied
1.3.4 Illuminate Assembly : There are no set requirements.

1.4 Chat channels & communication
1.4.1 Startrek Online : In Startrek online we use chat channels to communicate ingame , these chat channels have the added bonus that once added on a character you unlock access to any character you own on said accounts ( federation,klingon, characters that arent in the fleet)

To join such a channel type in the chatbox ( ingame ) the following commands :

/channel_join illuminate assembly
This is our interfleet chat channel

1.4.2 Discord :
1.4.3 Telegram :

1.5 Demotion or removal

1.5.1 Any member that violated the charter can be removed from all IA affiliated componants
1.5.2 Before the member is removed/banned he/she will be demoted to the lowest rank awaiting an appeal.
1.5.3 Appealing a demotion must take place within 7 days of the demotion either on the discord/telegram or the forums
1.5.4 Appeal council , After recieving said appeal a tribunal will be assembled containing :

1 Founder
1 Admin of the subcommunity ( game )
1 person chosen by the person who institated the demotion ( admin who started the demotion process )
1 person chosen by the person who is beeing demoted

This council of 4 will look into the reason they were demoted and will hear both sides of the story before voting, a majority vote is required (75%)
1.5.5 If the instigator of the demotion is a founder , another founder will replace him on the appeal council.
1.5.6 If the appeal is accepted , the demotion will be undone
1.5.7 if the appeal is denied the person may be banned from IA services.
1.5.8 Any demotion must be in direct conflict of the charter , no other reason may be used to demote a member.
1.5.9 if all fleet founders agree to remove or ban a member any point above is nullified. If the behavioral actions warrent it.

1.6 Persona Non Grata

1.6.1 PNG are issued by the council of founders
1.6.2 No appeals are possible against a PNG
1.6.3 Only a full founder vote can revoke a PNG
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