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Author Topic: Recruitement Guide & guidelines  (Read 1746 times)

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Recruitement Guide & guidelines
« on: March 13, 2018, 10:32:46 AM »

  • Minimum age : 16+
  • Must join our channel ingame by typing /channel_join illuminate assembly
  • Teamspeak activity is incouraged but not required.

Donation rules

  • Private : This is a new member who has donated nothing to the starbase, has shop access
  • Specialist : Minimal donation of 100.000 credit towards the starbase , has full store access.
  • Corporal : Dedicated donator ( + 500.000 credits )
  • Sergeant : Highly decorated officer
  • Captain : Staff rank
  • Brigadier General : Staff rank
  • General : Staff rank

Once you donated any ammount to the fleet holdings you get full store access to purchase fleet gear, bank access is also granted by is gradualy increased over rank.

Recruitement guidelines
  • No Blind invites !!!
  • No advertising in other fleet channels , only public channels.
  • Any toon is welcome , fed,kdf.

The potential member can bring as many toons as they desire or as little.

Activity Requirements

  • No activity rules , No donating member will be purged.
  • Teamspeak is optional but encouraged
  • Ingame chat channel is mandatory

Recruitment message examples :

-NewDawn- (FED79) & -RedDawn- (KDF72) is looking for new captains, No donation & Activity rules, Teamspeak optional,, all levels welcome pm me for a chat.

-NewDawn- (lvl77 fed) & -RedDawn- (lvl60 kdf) are looking for new members, we are a relaxed low rules fleet with open store access. More info on :, pm me for a chat.

-BlueDawn- , lvl 0 sisterfleet of -NewDawn- lvl 76 fleet is looking for new Captains, No donation & Activity rules, Discord optional,, all levels welcome pm me for a chat.

-NewDawn- (FED76),-BlueDawn- (FED0),-RedDawn- (KDF59) is looking for new captains, No donation & Activity rules, Discord optional,, all levels welcome pm me for a chat.

-NewDawn- , level 76 fleet is looking for new captains, No donation & Activity rules, Discord optional,, all levels welcome pm me for a chat.

-RedDawn- , level 58 fleet is looking for new captains, No donation & Activity rules, Discord optional,, all levels welcome pm me for a chat.

-NewDawn-(lvl77),-BlueDawn-(lvl4) & -RedDawn- (63,KDF) are looking for new captains, casual fleet with no donation or activty requirements , pm me for a chat or visit

 Illuminate Assembly Collective is looking for new captains , 3 federation and 1 klingon fleet. Casual fleets , no donation or activty rules, discord available, pm me for a chat or visit www.illuminate

illuminate Assembly is looking for new captains , 4 fed fleets & 1 kdf fleet. No membership requirements or donation requirements , discord available. Pm me for a chat or visit

illuminate Assembly is looking for new captains. Relaxed fleet, no donation requirements,4 Fed fleets,1 klingon fleet. Discord optional , pm me for a chat or visit

illuminate Assembly is looking for new captains. no donation requirements, FED 4 fleets lvls 77,61,30,14 KDF lvl 69 . Discord optional , pm me for a chat or visit
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Re: Recruitement Guide & guidelines
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2019, 07:51:05 AM »
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