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Announcements / fleet mail 14/05
« Last post by unimatrix999 on May 14, 2018, 04:47:35 PM »
Dear members ,

The last weeks have not been easy for us all as we have had some members leave us for other endevours, we are saddend by their departure but we must move on with the goals we set out a long time ago. It is with this insight the fleet leaders have decided to reward one of our long lasting members and a great help to the fleet.

His record speaks for itself , he is the last remaining fleet admiral from days gone to past. He stood by the fleet trough many challenges and has aided us in ways we could not have forseen.

For his excellent service and loyalty to the fleet and its member it has been decided by a full founder vote to extend the ranks once more. We have will addapt the fleet charter just for this occasion.

You might have read the rumours the last couple of days but it has been made official. As soon as we are able you will be invited to the ceremony where we shall grant @warr001 , Fleet admiral of -NewDawn- , -RedDawn- the following rank

Fleet Founder @warr001 of -NewDawn- & -RedDaw-

We shall host the ceremony on Risa , more info on the location and time will follow as soon as we have had a chance to shedule it. Until then i hope you all welcome with open arms the newest Fleet Founder

With regards ,

Unimatrix , Fleet Founder
Charles , Fleet Founder
Liberty, Fleet founder
Warr , Fleet Admiral - soon to be Fleet Founder.
Announcements / Fleet mail 01/05
« Last post by unimatrix999 on May 01, 2018, 08:16:55 AM »
Dear members,

Today we celebrate 1st of may which is in many nations the national day or workers , i found it appropriate to mail you on this day as we all have worked towards the completion of our fleets. With great vigour and stamina we have grinded the marks needed and for that i wish to thank you for your contribution to make newdawn great... again.

Now we must gaze to the future of the fleet as a whole. You may or may not have noticed on federation side we have a few new fleets in our collection. I ask all members of newdawn to move any characters they dont regulary play to the Greendawn fleet. It has similar facilities to newdawn and newdawn's population is close to 500 yet again.

Projects :
Please focus the majority of your attention to the newdawn colony and the bluedawn/greendawn/ultimatedawn fleets. You may contribute to those fleets trough the armada. We will stop provisions on newdawn as they are bleeding us dry of dilithium we need elsewhere.

Last week :
As you may have noticed or not there was some drama in the fleet and as a result some members have either left or were asked to leave the fleet. We wish them the best on their new endevour but ask our members not to provoke them, if you are approached by them however and are pressured to leave the fleet contact a fleet admiral but in the end the choice will be yours and yours alone if you wish to stay and help us be the best fleet we can.


We have a voice server at our disposal , we ask you if you like voice chat to connect to either our discord or teamspeak server. Below you may find the information. This does help us explain certain game mechanics & do effective tactics in pve missions. or

PVE missions.

Please pay close attention to the chat channel illuminate assembly to join us on pve missions , if you see LF4M ISA , means : Looking for 4 more Infected Space Advanced. That means we are teaming up for a PVE  Que.

With regards ,
Announcements / fleet mail 25/04
« Last post by unimatrix999 on April 25, 2018, 05:30:44 PM »
Dear members ,

As you may have noticed , the delta event is in full motion. We have seen a large increase in new players due to this so if you see a fleetless delta character please try and recruit it.

Delta Rewards

It is wise to have 3 delta tunes , one of each faction ( federation , klingon , romulan ) because each delta tune unlocks account wide bonusses you can claim on all your characters.

If you dont have a delta tune for either fed/kdf/rom make one and ask for an invite to one of our fleets.

Keep the spirit gooing!

-NewDawn- , -GreenDawn- , -BlueDawn- , -UltimateDawn- , -RedDawn-
General forum / Re: Hi all
« Last post by unimatrix999 on April 23, 2018, 03:13:11 PM »
Great to have ya man !
General forum / Hi all
« Last post by amico on April 22, 2018, 08:59:38 PM »
Just dropped in to say hello i am 1 of the leaders of UlimateDawn whhich has just joined the armada
General forum / awesome quotes
« Last post by unimatrix999 on April 15, 2018, 02:33:32 PM »
[4/15 4:31] [Illuminate Assembly] Lilith@zizuph: Put a forcefield around Bejor, and make the Cardassians pay for it.

-BlueDawn- / Welcome -BlueDawn-
« Last post by unimatrix999 on April 03, 2018, 02:13:00 AM »
It is with great joy i welcome our new fleet -BlueDawn-
Announcements / fleet mail 03/04
« Last post by unimatrix999 on April 02, 2018, 10:43:02 PM »
Beloved members ,

Again we would to to thank you for your support trought the ages you have given our fleet. We stand however at a crossroad in our development. Our fleet roster has become large and mainly thanks to our new recruitement team. This however has an unwanted side effect that we cannot keep the recruitement drive gooing without making room.

We already did an Emergency cleanup and we refuse to do another one prior to a season update ( june ) . In order to facilitate growth we have decided to create a secondary fleet for alts named -BlueDawn- , We ask all of you who have more then one character if you would consider moving it to our new -BlueDawn- fleet. A new fleet we are growing as like we grew -NewDawn-.

You will retain access ofc to our main fleet trough map invites & transfers if needed. So if you wish to strengthen our new Fleet , ask for an invite to -BlueDawn- in our Illuminate Assembly chat channel.

With the highest regards,


Unimatrix,Charles & Liberty
Announcements / fleet mail 31/03
« Last post by unimatrix999 on March 31, 2018, 08:21:50 PM »
Dear members ,

We are dooing an exceptionaly good job on our federation & klingon fleets. It is good to see all working towards a common goal and dooing a fantastic job.

I wish to thank our new recruiters and hope to see more members soon. To facilitate them better we have decided to addapt our rank structure and roll it out on federation side as a test run. Below you will find the information.

Private : This is a new member who has donated nothing to the starbase, has shop access
Specialist : Minimal donation of 100.000 credit towards the starbase , has full store access.
Corporal : Dedicated donator ( + 500.000 credits )
Sergeant : Staff rank
Brigadier General : Staff rank
General : Staff rank

All ranks now have shop access , i do ask the staff to keep an eye out on provision thiefs ( people joining , gooing to the starbase , buy stuff and leave ) .

With regards ,

Illuminate Assembly Gaming
Announcements / ERC message
« Last post by unimatrix999 on March 29, 2018, 08:51:15 PM »
Dear member ,

We have reached our max roster count in the fleet , in order to facilitate new members we have decided to initiate a roster cleanup. Please upon reading this message type :

/channel_join illuminate assembly

and request an invite the fleet , we do not take this action lightly and hope you will rejoin us upon reading this message.

Illuminate Assembly
Fleet Founders
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