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Title: Word from uni
Post by: unimatrix999 on July 15, 2018, 01:24:47 PM
Hi there members , it has been a while since you recieved one of these ingame, for more fleet updates always check

I am writing to you for a few reasons. I will go into detail further.

Voice chat :
It has come to my attention that i am being accused of arguing with armada members on the armada discord, however they did not adress me about such issue but rather went behind my back and talked to another fleet leader. This pisses me off greatly.

So much so i have decided to abandon discord for myself personaly and only connect to teamspeak from hence forth. I leave the choice what to use to the members as by our fleet charter , free will and all.

Teamspeak ip :
Discord :

I am sure you will use your prefered voice communication program.

Recruiting :

Please try and if able to recruit new members into the fleet to aid my quest. The armada is having a recruitement contest and we can win goodies for the fleets.

With regards,