News: Lvl 65 level cap & Jem Hadar 06/2018 !

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Fleet Official Anthem

Sto Charter

-NewDawn- & -RedDawn- Charter


Basic principles


The STO fleets were created by Unimatrix, Charles & Liberty to create an environment where people can freely play the game without obligations or requirements. We do not believe in forcing the members of the community to do something they do not desire or feel comfortable with. Anyone within the community if he/she desires can step up for an active staff position. Membership duration does not entitle you to a certain rank.


Starbase Access


Earning starbase access is quite easy , we firmly believe the moment you contribute to any starbase holding should reserve you the right to use those holdings as you see fit therefore you gain access to use the shop if you contribute atleast 1 credit towards the fleet holdings.


Chat Channels


In Startrek online we use chat channels to communicate ingame , these chat channels have the added bonus that once added on a character you unlock access to any character you own on said accounts ( federation,klingon, characters that arent in the fleet)

To join such a channel type in the chatbox ( ingame ) the following commands :

/channel_join illuminate assembly

This is our interfleet chat channel

/channel_join SAW channel

This is the interfleet aramada channel




 We have a discord server we use to chat to eachother with voice or text. This is totaly voluntary to connect to and is an asset when dooing cooperative missions ingame or helping you with a build.

Discord link :

Discord rules :

  • No pornography
  • No illigal activities
  • try and behave civilised


Activity Requirements

We do not have requirements towards how active a player must be , we shall not remove people from our community if they dont play x ammount of hours. We leave it up to the members to decide if they wish to remain or leave the community and always welcome back old players with open arms.

Do bear in mind this applies to the community as a whole , there may be purges ingame to make room for new members. We will try to contact members who have donated to the starbase before we purge their character from the fleet. Non donating members will be purged every 6 months.


Rank system

  • Cadet
  • Junior Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Admiral
  • Fleet Admiral
  • Fleet Founder

Cadet : This is the first rank you obtain when joining the fleet. This is a member rank without store access.

Junior Officer : This rank is awareded to all members that have contributed to the starbase , this is a lifetime rank and you cannot be demoted to cadet.

Lieutenant : This rank is awareded to active & high donating members and is just a token of our appreciation towards members that aid us.

Captain : Support staff for the captains. Each Admiral can appoint 2 captains of his/her choice ( after a vote from the fleet admirals and/or founders ) to aid him/her in his duties towards the fleet.

Admiral : Support staff for the Fleet admirals Each Fleet Admiral can appount 2 admirals of his/her choice ( after a vote from the fleet admirals and/or founders ) to aid him/her in his duties towards the fleet.

Fleet Admiral : The highest staff rank possible , these are fleet admirals and run the daily operation of the fleet.

Fleet Founder : Fleet founder , this rank cannot be obtained unless a current fleet founder resigns and appoints a successor. There are always 3 fleet founders with 3 characters in Rank 7. Any other character of a fleet founder must be a lower rank.

staff Requirements

All people who wish to hold a staff position must have place all their characters in our fleet with the exemption of diplomatic charcters which will recieve an exclusion.

All exlusions must be requested, if a character leaves the fleet without informing the leadership you will forfeit the rank on said character and any other charcters you have in the fleet.


Last edited 16/03/2018 , verified by Unimatrix,Liberty & Charles

Starbase Progress


Federation fleet

  • Colony : T2
  • Dilitium Mine : T3
  • Embassy :  T3
  • K-13 : T3
  • Research Lab : T3
  • Spire : T3
  • Starbase : T5


Klingon Fleet

  • Colony : T1
  • Dilitium Mine : T3
  • Embassy :  T3
  • K-13 : T2
  • Research Lab : T3
  • Spire : T3
  • Starbase : T3


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